Poems For Our Country at Union Hall Denver

By November 28, 2019
Brenton Weyi performs at Poems For Our Country, Union Hall Denver
Last week my acapella and storytelling group, The Storytellers, got to partner up with Union Hall Denver to do a really special performance. Union Hall is a new space that opened up last Spring to foster the cutting edge of arts in the Union Station/LoDo area of Denver.

They had just opened up a new exhibit, Poems for Our Country, which asked artists from around the country to create tapestries and other work that reflected on how to build a united nation in this upcoming pivotal year.

Storytellers303 acapella at Poems For Our Country -Union Hall Denver

They tapped us to activate the exhibit with sons and stories. Alejandro, Wisdom and I adapted a three-part narrative that we crafted for Pop-Up Zine Denver that reflected on our journeys of learning and arrival as members of immigrant families.

We performed some beautiful music, offered stories, monologues and even a little poetry.

“A lot of people remarked that it was the best Storytellers event they’d seen. It all just clicked together so powerfully.”

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