My name is Brenton Weyi, and I have always been fascinated with the human being.
The question of what it is we’re doing here and how we make the most of that time has always enraptured my soul and ensnared my mind.

I have always believed that the most powerful question in this world is “Why?” It’s not only the question that motivates us as human beings to learn about ourselves and the root of our existence, but also about the world around us. The world is imperfect; but I believe it to be beautiful.


I am a philosopher in the traditional sense: I have a true love of knowledge. This love is anchored by the mission to compel people to think and feel deeply.

  • I write pieces that invite people to contemplate their own place in the world in the form of essay and poetry
  • I speak to institutions to spark ideas and create a deeper inquiry of understanding among our ever­connecting world
  • ­­I partner with causes that promote exchange and equality across nations and cultures

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