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May 2018


Thursday Thought #135: Capturing Your Vision

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” - Gospel of Thomas Have you ever had a vision? A vision to create something that does not exist. Something that's true to your essence and perhaps lies in a core desire. There's an energy that calls us towards the things that we believe in -- the things that were made perhaps only for us. Sometimes those callings don't make sense to the outside world. Sometimes they don't even make sense to us. But we follow them nevertheless. They don't always lead to points of satisfaction. Sometimes, they lead to points of frustration, disappointment, even pain. Visions can be heavy yearnings experiences. It's hard to relate a concept that's in our minds and in our soul -- one that feels as real as the objects right in front of our eyes -- to another human being who does not see the same experience from within ourselves. It can feel like rejection when someone doesn't buy into an idea that you believe has a real merit for beauty and power. Vision requires belief and a faith in yourself and your muse. It comes with the wonderful exaltation of the feeling of completing something that is meaningful to you. And if you birth just might change the course of someone's life, or of aneighborhood, or of an epoch. Vision is the voice that says someday. For if you do not birth what you see, no one else will ever see what you had the gift of beholding. #Thursdaythought
Brenton Weyi
May 18, 2018
Thursday Thought

Thursday Thought #132: The Power of a Name

“Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.” -- J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone What's your name? When a new entity enters into the world, its christened with the same small ritual that has solidified every being since time immemorial: it's given a name. There's a lot of power in naming. Things that are nebulous and dark are able to haunt us in the shadows of our memory or perhaps even the caverns of the real world -- formless, intangible, ineffable. . Whole civilizations have been tormented by nameless specters. But giving something a label -- a name -- strips it of its mystery and perhaps even some of its danger: a ghost, a mental ailment, a devastating sickness. It helps the mind to put a container around fear and arms it with a particular plan of action. Names can also help us work through emotional pain and trauma. "It was abuse." "I was betrayed." They help to open up a path to closure. They bring definition to healing. However, names can also be restricting. They can deceive us into thinking that a certain label is now an identity we have to adhere to. A simple label given in early can confer an inescapable identity for years to come -- one that may not even serve us. So we must take care of the power of names. For, like so many powerful things in this world, they have the equal power to confer life -- and also to destroy it. Making the unknown...known. That's a world-shifting prospect .
Brenton Weyi
May 1, 2018