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Thursday Thought #68: The Mystery of Life

There is a great sense of mystery as we go about living life. Even though we seek stability in home, relationships and even in things as banal as the weather, there always remains a veil of mystery as to what unexpected elements will find themselves on our path. Life is the ultimate mystery and the brain the ultimate unpuzzler. And the spirit lives for this mystery: the ultimate transformer looking to take the ineffable and make it ordered, tangible. And is the greatest game that human collossus will ever concern itself with. The irony of this mystery of life is that we're always seeking to solve it with certainty. And yet, we simultaneous seek to revel in the novelty of obfuscation. I've already heard that story -- the tell tale sign that we've lost that magical element of mystery that brings out the bright curiosity in all of us. I've never been of the belief that the mystery of life will be fully unraveled. We can map out the electron moving about in its orbital, but as soon as we've puzzled it all out and go to confirm our groundbreaking observation's, the spritely spirit moves and smiles at us to go back to work and keep the game going. Our longest standing assumptions and titanic theories are ever crumbling under the enveloping of mystery. Even work is mystery. As we continue to give concerted effort into a particular endeavor, we have no certainty as to what abilities will come to us with time or even when there will be fruits for our labor -- if there are to be fruits at all.  And so it goes in this continued ebb and flow of discovery and concealment. Passed on from generation to generation to welcome the unexpected and puzzle through the gripping…
Brenton Weyi
April 5, 2018