Brenton is known for his unique style of narrative and prose poetry, inspired by Greek lyric. sonnet, and contemporary forms. Inspired by his global experience and penchant for contemplation, his poetry aims to get at the very essence of the human experience


Below are a couple of samples of his most well-known poems

What Kind of Human are you? — By Brenton Weyi

What kind of human are you?

It’s a question I’ve wanted to ask so many as

I dive into an exploratory excavation of their personhood

What stories were bottled up and cast into the rivers of your bloodline?

What whispers and traditions, songs and renditions were etched into your bones?


But I rarely ask.

Because we’ve been brought up in a world where we so often demonize the difficult questions


What binds together the ethereal threads of personhood?

Is it the pulsating beats of our Icarus hearts?

Is it the deep fears of inadequacy or unbelonging?

Or maybe that we all come from the same place in the end, and the beginning,

Cradled by a mother who always doted on us with equal love.

But welcomed us into a world where we’re trained so easily to forget


About each other. About ourselves


To forget that we’ve always truly seen with our hearts and our minds

Because the eyes have always been trained to deceive.

Only able to perceive the exterior skin, cells and selves that we portray

To the outside world

Even the word “person” is a lie,

It comes from the Latin word persona, meaning “mask.”

So what’s the difference between seeing a persona and seeing a human?


The vibrant spirit. The untold scars that lie beneath the surface.

How do we begin to celebrate our differences?

Why is it that we experience wonder at the sight of the white tiger

Or regale the single wild rose boldly claiming its place in the grassy field?

And yet we don’t splash that same color of awe in the human spectrum

Or if we do, we’re met with armies of questioning stares


There will come a day where we reach an impasse, a fork in the road as a collective.

And our choice will shape what that world will become.

Will it become a world of fervent beauty where we link our human spirit, yet celebrate our unique origins?

Or will it become a world of stark darkness where we further cage and bottle up such beautiful human essence.


Well I guess it depends on one question: What kind of human are you?

Multiplicity — By Brenton Weyi

In our world, each life is a thread,

The fibers of which are forged by the stories and origins of every indelible individual who makes the human tapestry indivisible.

And created by the campfire flames that have always compelled people to conspire and commiserate.

But this magnificent mosaic is not made only in the pastoral landscapes of the past.

Even if we’ve moved away from the tribe, the village lives on to continue to share in the hope of the Promethean Flame.

Because hope is made here

And it’s made now. With each precious second, in places where we now count grids and blocks rather than blades of grass.

Today, the torch has been passed on, and now we sew new threads of humanity across city streets.

Streets where whispers flitter in our ears speaking stories that, at times, the soul is too afraid to utter out loud

For the city is a haven; a respite; a solace; from a sometimes solemn world that denounces differences as disgraceful – one that says strength lies in borders rather than bridges.

But the faithful warriors of the municipal village say otherwise

They let colors paint the air with spectral streaks of acceptance, they let kindness line the streets, so that every roadway, gateway and alleyway, will be a path to friendship

They breathe culture into speech and their very life into language so that with every inhaled breath, each citizen is transformed by a snippet of a new identity

That’s what it means to be multi-faceted. The city has no face – it has a million of them.

In this village, the language is connection. And the law is cooperation.

The city is the epitome of biodiversity. And whether it’s in our DNA or PSA’s, that diversity is what keeps us alive

A collage has no beauty without a collision of colluding cultures

And the day those threads of connection cease to multiply – the city dies

Just like the human spirit, from the pristine to the gritty, beauty lies in the multiplicity