Thursday Thought #64: One Tiny Shift

By March 9, 2018November 28th, 2018Thursday Thought

If you change the degree at which you launch an object by just one, you will shift its entire trajectory.  One change in code in DNA can disrupt the functioning of an entire organism. The one greatest threat to the domain of man is the virus.

We’re so often focused on making waves or shaking the Earth. But big movements are created by seismic micro shifts.
One of my favorite aspects of language is the prevalence of the misquotation of idiomatic expressions. In this case, one that is immensely applicable, and often uttered, is that “The devil is in the details.” But how the expression originally went was: “God is in the details.”
The meaning got twisted in reversed somewhere in the continuous flows of  the river of time. But this feels a lot more true of the world. When we look at Fibonacci sequences or the beautifully intricate geometry of leaves, of the amazing mycological ecosystems of mushrooms that are made up of these tiny seemingly sporadic organisms, we see Mother Nature minding every tiny detail.
When we think about an entire ecosystem, with tiny bees pollinating one flower at a time and steadily doing their noble work, and flowers drawing on the nutrients from above and below to in turn provide nutrients to the animals in their ecosystem, we see the mighty reduced to the minimal.
And so it goes, so on and so forth. But if were to remove one simple component of that equation, the mighty bee, then the entire eco system falls apart. Something so seemingly small, so seemingly trivial on the surface, represents the lynchpin of this very powerful system.

In this same way, every massive movement  machine or mammal is made up of its rather small and seemingly insignificant component parts.

And so it is within our own landscape. The shifts rarely come from the massive pushes, but rather from the tiny nudges:
–The small occasion where we decide to put ourselves out there in a vulnerable way.
–The decision to tend to a plant or animal.
–The commitment to rise with the Sun.
These small decisions and moments of awareness ripple out into the rest of our lives for fathoms and leagues because they call us to adopt a new level of responsibility, even if imperceptibly small.
That new responsibility then permeates into different areas of our life until we look around and our entire pattern of thinking — our entire pattern of being — is completely shifted.
And thus transformation scenes less concerned with charging an entirely new path, but rather choosing to take a new turn while walking one.
And as we shift in transfigure these tiny pieces of code in our being, the entire being will shift along with it.
I don’t have to be a titan, but rather an imperfect individual willing to move one degree. And that certainly gives me a great deal of hope.
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